How to get stuff done FAST with insurance carriers (or any large company)


Recently I needed something done with an insurance carrier in their contracting department.  Sometimes with large companies if you need something done it can take days or even weeks to straighten out.  It makes it even tougher when you call an 800 number and you speak to a different person each time.

The protocol I followed took a little time but it resolved the issue much faster than normal.  The first time I called in the evening I explained what I needed to get done and could they assist me with logging in to the training portal.  The first rep I spoke with helped me do this pretty quickly but the other issue I had with contracting he informed me could take a few days.

I explained to him that I had client’s I was working with that needed help and so could we have the  solution for the contracting issue expedited.  He said he would put in a note to the tech support team to send me a new username and password.  The password I received later that evening didn’t work.  The next day I called I spoke with a very nice lady who did her best to help me but I still was not able to login.  I called back a second time an hour later, still no Bueno.


The third time I called I said this:

“I so appreciate your help with this but It’s my third time calling today.  I’m working with client’s who need my help and I need to be able to have my contracting active in order to help them- can you help me?”  Again, I got the same answer;

“It has to go through normal processing channels and the guy who fixes these type issues is gone for the day.”

Me  “Ok, I will just call back tomorrow morning.”

Rep  “It likely will not be fixed by tomorrow morning, usually it takes at minimum 24 hours.”

Me  “Ok, I’ll call back tomorrow afternoon.”

Rep  “It has to go through normal processing channels.  You will get a new username and password when it’s fixed.”

Me  “Ok, if I don’t get the new username and password by tomorrow I’ll call you guys.  Talk to you tomorrow- bye”

Thirty minutes later I got my new username and password and was able to successfully login and complete my contracting.


Quick tips:

Always be kind.  Say please and thank you.  Open and close your communication with thank you.

Repeat the person’s name back to them when you address them,

“ _________, I so appreciate your help today….”

Explain the issue clearly and briefly and emphasize what you need done on their end.

If the issue is going to take some time ask for an estimated time it will be resolved.

Tell them you will call back on that day if it is not fixed.

If they cannot give you an estimated time of the issue being resolved tell them you will call back on a certain date and you will keep checking back.  (This works to get stuff done quicker than normal)


When this happens in insurance it’s really helpful to have an agent who can handle things like this for you.  When you work with us you can count on us to help you out if you need something done and get the run around.  Reach out to us today for a free quote or consultation.

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