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Free Medicare Supplement Plan Checklist

Free checklist highlights some important things to consider when

looking at your Medicare plan options.


Knowing what questions to ask is half of the solution to finding the right plan to meet your unique needs.

In the checklist you will receive:

  • What your first steps are toward applying for a Medicare Supplement
  • What important questions to ask about doctor choice & networks
  • Important information about making plan changes
  • Important information about plan limitations & drug plans

You will also get timely information and education about Medicare plans.

  • Money saving tips on prescriptions.
  • How to change your plan and what to consider before you do.
  • Clearing up Medicare jargon.
  • Underwriting rules that affect your plan choice
  • What is covered by Medicare and what is not.
  • Critical timing information on when to enroll and how.
  • Insider tips on health plan changes & how they impact you.


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