Small Business Health Insurance/ Employee Benefits

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Need help with Employee Benefits? We love to support small businesses in attracting and retaining great people with quality health plans.

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Turning 65?

We love helping seniors find the best Medicare plan for their needs.  The amount of information surrounding Medicare plan options can be overwhelming.  Through careful consultation we narrow down the options that suite your specific needs and guide you step by step through the process.

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Tax free retirement funds?

Find out how to avoid the volatility of the stock market while building long term savings that stay safe from the storms.


Our Message

The Critical Difference….

Women’s needs are different when it comes to health care so they are also different when it comes to health insurance.

I understand those needs and take great care with helping you with plan selection.

Health insurance also can be complicated. My goal is to make it easy for you- so that you can focus on life, and not health insurance.

My goal is to match the best plan with your specific needs and your employees’ needs. You interests being served first is my priority.

Specializing in..

Small business Employee Benefits

• We specialize in consulting with employers to help them identify the right employee benefits for their company by balancing risk, benefit value and premium dollars.

• Your employees’ needs may be very different than yours. My team will make every effort to ensure that everyone in your company has the right plan for their specific needs while staying in the budget that you set for your employee benefits.

Additional Benefits of working with us:

  • Free comprehensive market analysis and expert advice for your unique situation and demographics.
  • Detailed quoting and plan comparison analysis tailored for your’ preferences.
  • Specific recommendations for your needs and budget.  Answers to all your questions to eliminate confusion and overwhelm that dominates the insurance shopping process.
  • Continued free ongoing personal support after policy installation for claims or other customer service issues for the life of the policy.
  • A free health insurance expert to act as an advocate on your behalf with the insurance carrier.
  • Free annual comprehensive market analysis of renewal options (for small business accounts.
  • A dedicated agent with over 12,000 hours in health insurance knowledge and experience dedicated to providing the best service to you and your employees.
  • No service fees or additional fees built in to the policy to have me as your agent- EVER.

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Medicare Plans

• We help new to Medicare beneficiaries (turning 65) find the plan that meets their needs and budget with no stress or information overload.

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